Want Better Ideas? Then Stop Brainstorming


I used to be considering brainstorming. What’s better for generating ideas than gathering your team around a table, presenting the job, then letting the minds flow! No damaging ideas here! Just open the mental floodgates and let the brilliance pour out! Each idea sparking another, but another! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

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Except it doesn’t work.

Brainstorming-whatever the positive press it’s become, but nonetheless will get-doesn’t work. Why? Two words: man’s instinct.

As humans (sorry youthful youthful youthful young puppies, I’m speaking while using the humans here), we are capable of being influenced and swayed by authority. In relation to brainstorming, there’s 2 kinds of authority that are particularly prevalent: the authority inside the leader combined with the authority inside the crowd.

This is one way they be a part of:

You’re inside the brainstorming session. Frank, sitting across in the human body, throws out an idea (because remember, there’s no bad ideas inside the brainstorming session!). However, you place in charge give a slight, flickering frown. Before realizing the boss’s expression, you’d chuck the ball same idea, building on Frank’s. However you decide to restrain and uncover how this plays out.

Meanwhile, Sloane shares an idea, and you’ll contain the excitement! The majority of the team is rapidly passionate! You don’t fully accept Sloane, but it’s apparent you’re inside the minority. Sensing the current, you decide to begin. And Sloane wins every single day, while Frank fades into oblivion.

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Brainstorming must be judgment-free. But we’re human, and we are affected by individuals around us.

What exactly could be the greater way? Absolutely!

Once I was the manager Producer within the hit comedy Tv show, our obligation became enable the creativeness flow, every every week. Well as over time, I progressively learned that the most effective ideas somewhat generated individually, then developed with one another. This is one way it could work.

As we had our weekly “pitch conferences” (the meeting where we pitched our techniques for the look show), each author will come for your selecting the minds and scripts that they’d develop, generally on their own. Every time a concept was a good response, we’d interact to develop and improve it.

How do you put this process to function?