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Location Intelligence & Geofencing Solutions: How Restaurants Can Benefit


Ever received a welcome or promotional offer text message as soon as you arrived at a certain location? This is an example of how location intelligence works with geolocation or geofencing solutions. It’s the technology that allows businesses, including commercial realtors, restauranteurs, and vendors, to send personalized ads or text messages to customers in a particular location.

Around 43% of consumers prefer personalized digital ads and 9 in 10 consumers enjoy receiving personalized offers or deals. Around 6.92 billion people across the globe now own a smartphone, and an average user spends over 8 hours on the internet. So, why would you not want to take advantage of these digital devices and target your customers directly?

Location intelligence tools help businesses provide better customer service, deliver greater experiences through promotions and loyalty programs, and analyze geographical customer or market data.

Before we discuss how geolocation can benefit restaurants, let’s look at how geolocation works for geofencing and location intelligence solutions.

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How Geolocation Works

Geolocation is a location technology that uses an electronic device’s IP address or GPS to uncover and track its whereabouts. Due to the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices (your phone, laptop, and smartwatch, to list a few), geolocation is used for geofencing and location intelligence analytics that tracks the location and movement of people.


A popular location-based service that can help restaurants is geofencing. It uses a software program or mobile app to generate targeted marketing strategies such as texts, emails, app notifications, or social media ads. This service uses GPS, WiFi, cellular data, or radio frequency identification (RFID).

The virtual geographic boundary or periphery where a digital device enters is known as “geofence.” If a customer enters/exits this virtual boundary, the software program or application will record the device’s data and use it for personalized notifications later.

Location Intelligence

Geolocation is also used to visualize huge volumes of data and then analyze it according to the location. This is known as location intelligence, and it helps businesses with preparing, planning, predicting, problem-solving, and decision-making. You can generate unique insights when using the relevant information within its location’s context.

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How Can Restaurants Benefit From Geolocation Technology?

Improve Pickup/Delivery Time

Restaurants now make 75% of their revenue from online sales, i.e., online orders for pickup or delivery. When restaurants start integrating geolocation technology, they use the real-time location data of their customers.

If the customers are coming for a pickup order, the restaurants can ensure that the order is ready before customers even enter the premises. This improves operational efficiency while also saving time, money, and effort. Plus, it provides a great personalized experience to all customers.

Geofencing and location intelligence analytics also help restaurants make and deliver warm, fresh food. They can prioritize the orders and prepare food by taking a customer’s real-time location into account.

Help Boosts Engagement and Loyalty

Since personalized marketing also uses location-based data, geolocation solutions can help restaurants boost customer engagement and loyalty. You can create an automated reward system using customer location.

For example, if a customer walks into your restaurant or enters the drive-thru, you can increase their points and add them to their loyalty card. For their next purchase, you can also give them a discount. This improves their experience and can boost engagement and loyalty.

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Effective Advertising

The food and beverage industry is highly saturated. In such a crowded market, restaurants find it increasingly difficult to break through and need to find the right way to reach customers.

To gain a good market share, restaurants need proper marketing campaigns. However, how do you know if your advertising is effectively working and reaching your ideal audience?

With location intelligence analytics and geofencing data, restaurants can also identify the common behaviors of their customers through their mobile devices. Next, they can target those potential customers directly based on their activity.

Location intelligence also helps measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You can check for the store visits of your restaurant after a particular personalized ad or targeted promotion like loyalty card points or coupons. If a specific customer interacts with your marketing efforts, you can offer them a better experience to increase loyalty.

Find the Missing Ingredient

Geolocation technology has been pivotal for many industries. It has countless benefits, and it’s now becoming a must-have ingredient for most restaurant owners’ success recipes. With this ingredient’s growing popularity, more and more restaurants are now incorporating this technology into their business operations, online ordering systems, and restaurant software.

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